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It is a program that allows you to explore and visualize 3D concepts
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AutoCAD 2009 is the latest release of the must have computer assisted design tool for Windows, this version introduce a new set of tools among redesigned version of the standard set plus a new user interface.

Autodesk has not redesigned the work space lightly. They have optimized the new interface with the user in mind, in order to expedite the routine tCAD asks and facilitate finding less frequently used commands. The productivity of veteran users multiplies, and new users will start producing right away.

To simplify the transition from earlier versions of AutoCAD , the new interface is so customizable and scalable as ever. To facilitate learning, a classic work space option provides access to the traditional toolbar and menu interface.

It includes the following new and enhaced features:

- The Ribbon Menu: The new ribbon menu "ala office 2007" shows command options with visual aids.

- ViewCube and SteeringWheels: is an interactive tool that serves to rotate and orient any solid or surface model in AutoCAD . Without further to select a face, edge or corner of the cube, the model takes away the default orientation

- Explorer Menu: Review and work with multiple files is no longer a monotonous and lengthy process. The new browser interface menu enables you to examine files and thumbnail images, with detailed information on the size and the author of the file. The recent files can be organized by name, date or title.

- Quick Properties: The quick Properties menu is easy to customize and helps raise productivity because abbreviated access to information on properties, optimizing their display for a user or project.

- Action Recorder: The new action recorder saves time and increases productivity because it automates repetitive tasks without the knowledge or the involvement of a professional CAD. Users take very little to burn a task, add text messages and requests for data entry, and then select and play back recorded files quickly.

- Quick View: The quick view function uses thumbnails instead of filenames, which accelerates the opening and presentation of the drawing file correctly and saves time that is lost when you open files wrong.

You will reach unprecedented levels of productivity with AutoCAD 2009 incorporating in your work habits the advantages of the new enhanced user interface. In addition, virtually anyone, anywhere can intervene in the review process with Autodesk Design Review, the free integrated solution available to consult, write and revise designs electronically.

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  • Enhanced user interface
  • Interesting new set of tools


  • Its too expensive for many budgets
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